Quarterly Pest Control

100% satisfaction!!  It is what the majority of our customers recommend and love. Not only do we offer treatment on the exterior of the structure, but we ensure satisfaction on the inside as well. We prefer putting a face with our business! The service is every three months and we issue free call backs (if necessary) with a one-year contract. Our call back efforts are very important to us as we take pride in finding the right solutions for our customer’s needs.

Insects include: American/oriental/Smokey brown roaches, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, earwigs, silverfish, ants (excludes fire ants), and mice.

Termite Protection

Let Hawk protect your home today and worry no more! Termites cause much damage annually and could be taking your home over. But as they improve their technology, so do we! The Advanced Baiting System we use is innovative in that we can monitor the termite activity around the structure, while constantly making strides to better protect your home. Call today for a free evaluation of your home or business!

Recommend: quarterly, tri-annual, annual inspections

Liquid Termite Protection

Our liquid treatments are typically recommended when the issue may be more complex than others, or if you are accustomed to these types of treatments. This treatment requires more labor, therefore the price reflects. We recommend Termidor SC or Termidor HE (8-10 year chemical). Studies have recently revealed the strength of the parts per million after 5 years in the ground being relative to the day it was injected. It is what some to think the best in the industry!!

Recommend: annual inspections

Monthly Pest Control

This service is recommended when the issue at hand may need a little more attention than others. Commonly proposed when the insect is imported in the home, the reproduction of the insect is higher than normal, or if the issue cannot be handled by a simple barrier.


Common insects include: German roaches, fleas and ticks

Fire Ant Management

Customers who have current pest control with our company, can also add fire ant management for their yard or pasture for an additional fee.

Mosquito Management

Our mosquito management program is top notch! Our technicians are trained to deeply inspect the underlying issues for mosquito problems. With diseases on the rise, now is the best time to start our seasonal monthly program. We begin in March and run the services through October. We use innovative equipment to treat your yard, shrubs and trees. Also, we narrow down the mosquito’s habitat, environment, and reproduction cycles in order to insure satisfaction.

Recommend: monthly seasonal

Crawl Space Solutions

In addition to our broad knowledge of inspecting for Wood Destroying Organisms, we have a very experienced staff when it comes to detecting moisture problems in crawl spaces. Crawl spaces can hold moisture which can be undetected for years.  Let Hawk determine where the issue is coming from, along with solutions to rectify those same conditions. Some of the following solutions are commonly recommended:

  • moisture barrier
  • encapsulation
  • sump pump
  • dehumidifier installation
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